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I've sprayed urea plenty to know the drill there, though it has been a while! I am a slow walker too.. so yeah, always nervous about getting out there with spraying urea. Orkin lawn care brought in trucks with electric pumps in 1995 before they sold, and they didn't last very long spraying urea out of them. What i'm gonna do is stick to my slow release granular.. i just like how they work better.. sure it won't green up overnight but i like how the green color lasts.

More concerned about the muriate of potash, i figure i'd mix it in a big bucket first, and dump it in slow while its agitating, with atleast a half full tank.. wondering if warm water will help? and i'd mix it up right before i go out to spray rather than the night before. it could work.. worst thing that happens is i blow a diaphragmn on a pump that is relatively cheap, and another lesson learned.

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Nitrogen in the form of urea should work OK...however...if you just dump in a bag--it will plug up your filter and your pressure will be zero. You do have a filter, right? Stir with a canoe paddle to get it dissolved first.

Read through a bunch of old posts about spraying urea on Lawnsite. You have to keep the rate low to avoid burning the grass. Less than a half-pound of nitrogen per 1000 feet sq. High temperatures result in increased risk of burning the grass. Starts and stops and uneven spray will make it worse.

Practice on your own lawn for the first few weeks
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