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GreenDoctor, thank you so much for the word of advice. You have me looking at things in a completely different perspective now. So would you suggest me finding a similar formula, with 0 Phosphate? Also, is my understanding true, that without the Alkaline soil, that the iron needed to green the lawn is not released into the soil until the PH drops? Which seems that it would explain why when we receive Acidic rains our lawns green up almost beyond green? You mentioned the nitrogen in this product is from The nitrogen is from ammonia sulfate and ammonia phosphate, so thus for Central Tx and our Alkaline soil, this would be a well balanced formula minus the Phosphate?

I know Lesco makes products higher in nitrogen also, such as 39-0-0 if I recall correctly. Is the nitrogen in this formula also made from ammonia sulfate and ammonia phosphate? Or is this a completely different story?

Thank you so much for sharing your excellent knowledge! I'm trying to expand my knowledge of soils and fertilizer and their impact, so that I can learn for myself for future sake!
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