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Originally Posted by Eric's Lawnservice View Post
That's exactly what I thought when they sent me the price they were quoted. I guess they thought I would do all the extra out of kindness or just for appreciation for the privilege to service the property. Lol! It was really kind of insulting. I sent them a professional reply stating basically I appreciate their interest in my services and have a good day. I'll probably loose their residential account, but oh well no big loss there. The funny thing they jumped on 45.00 cut every two weeks for their 1/8 acre residential property two months ago. So in retrospect they wanted me to service the commercial property for basically less than three times more than I am doing their residential for. Crazy!
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Residentials will always be my main focus. It's simple, when low balling scrubs see a massive account up for grabs, they hawk it and try and take it for themselves. Easy money, spreading garbage fert, garbage mulch, and walmart flowers with a few cuts a year done by themselves. These big accounts are just a burden. You put so much on the line taking them, just to get burned. Homeowners are less likely to start collecting lowball offers and more likely to call you back when Jose on his craftsman tractor sends a baseball through the kitchen window.
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