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Originally Posted by Cat 320D LRR View Post
Which type of machine do you guys seem to use the most doing residential and commercial work. Mostly working on grass, ashplat and bare ground cutting in the woods . Would not be used for any type of ROW work and vegetation management? anyone use an A300 or the new model 770 i believe. Also does anyone run a stump grinder off their skid as opposed to a self propelled one?
I have both now My track Skid I run OTT Camoplast tracks(half price then Loggering tracks system) They work well for floating on grass
I look at a Track unit but I I wanted tires for winter time for driving in between jobs. Road time will be faster on tires
With tires there is less wearing parts
I know guy had a 300 with stump grinder and he traded it off for a T300. He said, with wide tracks he didn't rut lawns so there was less repairs.
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