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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
How are the new intakes going to be configured?
We have speced out a few different options pump-wise so it really depends on the set-up the PM wants to go with (obviously we have our first choice that we hope they go for but who knows with them).

One option is a standard self-flushing intake strainer if we go with the centrifugal pump or wet well option. Centrifugal would be a 4" suction and the wet well would be a 12" flume with Sure-Flo units on them. Obviously that increases the demand \ motor size of the pump station in general but the 4" only needs 15 gpm and the 12" 77 gpm.

If we use a in lake skid unit, they have the self-cleaners built into them like the Sure-Flo but custom made.

Silt is a huge issue on all the ponds \ lakes at this complex so filtration is key to keeping the units in decent shape
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