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I'm in!

Originally Posted by RussellB View Post
I also live in SC and have found that many people actually have the money but don't want to pay someone a proper fee for services. The cost of a tractor, steel shed and bush hog would be far higher than just paying a reasonable rate to have that field mowed properly once/twice a year.
Yes, I agree, there are always two sides of a story. I understand them both. I wish I could make $50 an acre or more doing it myself, if I could afford a tractor and the building etc. and probably a good alarm system as well with a phone line on the agriculturally zoned field. Get some music an enclosed cabin with a/c and go! Yet with an income of around $800 a month there's not much one can do. I saved up these money over the year. Even the $250 is a lot of money to me right now. So I was going either to find someone for $250 or wait another year and pay $500 or perhaps do it myself more often with a garden tractor where it would cost me ~$50 in gas costs per 10 acres not more and take me ~15-20 hours to mow it. Not so bad, I could get over $10 per hour. I talked to many landscapers of all sorts and they told me that the diesel cost $40 per my field, so making $210 for a half day work, less repairs etc. one still makes about say $150 per half day in South Carolina with 40% unemployment is not that bad at all! My wife says wow! I have people come asking me for work, they're willing to work for 5 hours for $20!! And they are Americans! One was trying to steal my $1500 riding lawnmower the other night. Got one with a 52" deck and gonna use it on my 10 acres after work, work nights. People are becoming desperate. If I owned a decent tractor with a 10-15' deck I would work 14 hour days no weekends at $25 per acre I would make a lot of money and I do not need much to live. If anyone wants to offer me $30 per acre and a tractor I'm in! I can work 14 hours every day no weekends. Columbia, SC.
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