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Originally Posted by RussellB View Post
Neonrider I know their are places within SC (and all states) that have been rocked hard. I feel your pain but I have to LOL at your last sentence in post number 14. Your willing to get paid $30 per acre which would equal $300 for your ten acres on someone elses tractor inwhich they paid for (or are paying for) and ride on thier insurance and fuel costs. It doesn't work that way. Again I understand where your coming from and hope things improve for everyone soon.
Hmmm, not exactly, I'm willing to work within the $30 per acre less the owner's costs, perhaps they'll pay me $5 or $10 per acre. That's what I mean. Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I'm thinking getting my own tractor to do landscaping biz, but it is very hard to get any loan these days past $2500. I wish everyone to become rich, of course.
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