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Originally Posted by Blade Runners View Post

Had some wild stuff going on there back in the 90s...sunken track (82nd area) shooter, F-15 crash into a C141 on the tarmac at Pope.
Yup, I was there for the shooter, but the F-15 crash was about 6-8 months before I got here, if I remember correctly? I know that many soldiers/victims were still wearing the hats with the flaps down the back (shades? whatever) as authorized headgear as they were still recovering from the burns. I went through Green Ramp myself a few times. Miserable place on a hot day.

The shooter pretty much kept us from doing even PT tests on the sunken tracks, whether in Division or the one near Corps. We used the track by the school, across from the old Womack location, for about 90% of our PT tests. I bet it was 6 months before my unit was in either pit track.

The MTT for AA came by once while I was at Bragg that I remember? It wasn't that far from where my unit was headquartered in the Old Division Area - which is unrecognizable now.
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