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Originally Posted by ncpete View Post
I would think if you hire additional people, it would be to build a crew that can work together to get more done, to serve more properties. If you are handling 55 properties now with one person, how much more efficient would your business be by adding a second? One person to run the mower, and the other to blow and trim? Shouldn't add too much to your father's work load, unless you figure you could somehow do 110 properties with two people?
Maybe I am thinking about it all wrong, I am definitely not to that point yet. And how much longer can you be doing that much work in Rochester area, anyways? 30 days before most of the leaves are blown down by the winds coming off the lake, and the grass will all have gone dormant by that time, too, won't it?
I forgot to mention one of the people that would be hired is a part time employee who works around 20 hours a week. I would have him do the mowing with the new hire while the current full time employee does the nicer lawns and property maintenance work. I was thinking about adding around another 30 properties. This was also geared more towards next spring so if I do decide I can get another truck and find another employee, and also figure out how much more responsibility will have to be given to the current employee.
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