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Originally Posted by lawnman24949 View Post
I do pay him for the work that he does. I think he likes doing it after his other job, but I feel that having him watch over two more additional people is just to much with a full time job.
The question is, how does he feel about it? He might be perfectly fine with overseeing 2 more people. You have obviously done something right for your business to be taking off. If things are running good now, go for it. Especially if you can increase productivity and take on more work without adding much debt.

I also know the feeling of having to constantly turn down work due to lack of manpower. I am in a similar situation and we were maxed within 3 weeks at the beginning of the season. 66 leads in 3 weeks trying to do this part-time. The rest of the season I am emailing people to turn them down. In one day a couple weeks ago I sent 5 emails telling people our schedule was full for the season. It's really getting frustrating for me but i can't do anything about it until I get back in country. You, however, are in a much better position than I am. I say run the numbers to figure out how much more work you can take on vs what the employee or two will cost you then if everything looks good, go for it.

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