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Originally Posted by rppaving View Post
haha i feel that way too man...all i wanna know is what services people are putting on them..
I don't do flyers for every one, but I do have " menu" that is tailored to my clients depending on the type of turf they have. Its pretty basic, but states the importance of the services offered. They fall under 2 categories, warm and cool season turf.
It has some combination of the following.

Yearly fert schedule
Fungus Pre's
Ornamental bug control
Fall/Winter pre's for dormant Muda'
Spring/Summer pre's for cool grasses
Sprinkler repair
Coloring dormant lawns
Leaf clean up and tree work
Overseeing/aerating and slit seeding for cool season grass
Cool season ferts
$easonal bloom rotation
Gutter cleaning
Mulch new/dye
Christmas light installation and removal
And all the usual mowing crap.

It only takes a few minutes to change the names when I print them. Makes the rich people feel real special, like I wrote them a letter haha.
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