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Blade Runner, it's only been 2 1/2 months, don't go giving me extra credit You're right I'm new and optimistic because I have business sense, a solid business plan and a business that is falling into the path outlined in that plan.

To the OP the things I mentioned above are much more important than what brand of mower, trimmer etc. They are also things that many here lack, that's why you hear so many negative rants. If you have something with a sharp blade on it that spins fast enough to cut a blade of grass, a string trimmer and a blower (or a broom) you have what it takes to get started. Never stop reading and researching to expand your skillset and create new service offerings. As you grow your business it will become evident what you need to upgrade in order to continue to become more efficient and effective.

Most importantly don't allow your dreams to be crushed by someone with a poor view, be it in your personal life, or on this site. Accept their view and welcome it as an opportunity to prove them wrong. Sometimes that is all the motivation we need to succeed.
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