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Originally Posted by mclarke View Post
PayPal lets you send invoices or due "online" payments. I think its free if you do under 500 a month or something but I can not remember.
I have done over $2000/month in invoices and billing with paypal before. With their fiasco at the end of 2011 that all invoices went offline for days though (and dumbass me, was saving a local copy each time I made one), that made me witch to quickbooks for invoicing.

One other note on using paypal. When you issue an invoice (or do "request money") to someone, even though there is a "Don't have a paypal account" link to allow them to just enter their credit card without making a paypal account, here are some things to consider (from my direct experience):

1. If they attempt to pay with a credit card that is tied to (used as a funding method) an actual PayPal account, it will come back as "Declined", however will show as an "authorization" on their card. I was in the office with a client to witness, and after over half hour on the phone, found out the issue. They would not tell me, the client had to call in to paypal.

2. There is a limit PER card on payments, that is XX total charges or $XX,XXX total paid, whichever is reached first. (I forget actual numbers, I think it was 15 total charges, but forget $$ amount) After you hit that limit, they have to tie card to a paypal account to use it to pay you anymore with it. Again, another 1/2 hour worth of calls to get that one figured out.

Other than that, no problem with them [knock on wood]
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