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You make a good point about motivation.

Do you have any clients yet?
Advertising with flyers door to door, a website and craigslist work best for most people. Of course customer referrals are great too once you have some.

As for equipment it depends on your accounts. If you have very small city residentials nothing but a 21" push mower would work. Suburban accounts, a 36" - 48" walk behind mower with velke would probably do best. If you live out in the country more and have larger lots then you could invest in a 48"-60" mower, but only if you feel that's the right decision.
Do you have a pick up truck? You can buy ramps for around $100 and load a 36 or 48" mower into the bed. Trailers range from about $2000 used and up.
As for smaller equipment back pack blowers are very useful stihl br600 works great, and others have other favorites.
There is something companies make that is 1 engine with many attatchments. Like stihl "kombi". String trimmer, pole pruner, edger, hedge trimmers, etc... in one. Echo makes one too, but I don't have experience with that. I have the kombi km 130 it works good.
Be extremely careful if you use a chainsaw its very very dangerous.
good luck!
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