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I had lunch yesterday with a friend who is also my fert and chem rep. He gave me 3 pages describing the product and program. He told me about other sports turf folks on my side of the state using it (this is his first season selling it) and stressed a couple of times that the liquid product contains more beneficials than the granular. I believe he said the liquid Holganix needs to be refrigerated. I saw a sample of the granular, it looks sometching like a cross between Turface and a coated granular fertilizer.

I am still reviewing the printed material and an old thread here. There is not much of a chance I will try it but am interested in learning more until I decide. I said to him that it sounded like this would work better to maintain turf that was already in good condition than it would to get poor condition turf in gold condition. He said that was right.
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