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A lot depends, as above posters say, on your marketing budget and effort. At first I was spending 4 days per week on marketing--and one day spraying. Spring is a great time to "cloverleaf"--that is--hand out brochures to the neighbors on each side of your customers as you go, (and also the two neighbors across the street).
I suggest: pass out flyers, ask for referrals, referral credits, direct mail, a top-drawer website: anything you can think of to get your foot on the property. Your competition wants to eliminate you--don't let them!

If you can measure from aerial photos and send mail quotations, so much the better. Especially if much of the work can be done in the winter when you are less busy. Suppose you could prepare 10,000 price quotations in the winter and be ready to mail a few hundred a week just as the season broke in spring. Get a very professional voice to answer the phone for the big sales month.

You could offer a free soil test for anyone who allowed a lawn analysis and price quotation in February.

Make sure all you marketing materials are top-quality. No blurry Xerox black and white sheets. Good color photos. Solid pitch. Slick paper. Make sure your brochures are at least as good as Tru-spleen--better is better.

And protect your reputation--no unsatisfied customers--ever!
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