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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
How is your first draft coming? You got the pump primed now. Spill it
Our first year here in AZ my wife wanted a green lawn in the winter so I overseeded with Rye. We got a great crop of grass and we have irrigation so it grew into a very healthy lawn. I came from a trip to find her on the Patio and all kinds of green mushy balls on the lawn (we have a mulching mower). her comment was "This S___ has got to go. The lawn had been fertilized and she had the irrigation turned on every day.. Go figure... I gave her a quick lession in feeding and watering rye.. we cut way back on the water and food and the rye turned into a nice lawn and not a jungle that grew 6 inches a week. It was a hoot to see her on the patio having a stare down at the lawn
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