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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Cool, you ever get much business coloring? I have always wondered about that....
Not really much for lawns. I sub that out, because I'm not very good at it, its messy and I don't wanna spend for equipment I don't have room for.

I do keep a quart of green lawnger and a 32oz hand sprayer mixed up to match dog spots on the nicer properties. The color matches bermuda pretty easily, but what I have doesn't match well with fescue.

I've had good luck with coloring mulch though. Mainly on cleanups and first cuts. When there's berries, dead grass clippings and other little pieces of plant trash mixed in, just give it a light coat. I don't use it as much to renew the mulch, as I do to hide the crap in it haha.
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