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Originally Posted by InjuinRed View Post
Ok here's what I'm look at feel free to praise or bash any of the machines or engines to help me make my decision....

2013 Grasshopper 226v 61" w/ 26 hp Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series V-Twin engine. Pressure lube with filter, and dry element with pre-cleaner.

2013 Scag Tiger Cat 61" w/ 30hp Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series V-Twin engine. Pressure lube with filter, and dry element with pre-cleaner.

2013 Gravely Pro-Turn 160 60" w/ Kawasaki FX730 23.5hp

One other thing to consider is a grasshopper dealer has a new 2011 61" 226v grasshopper left in inventory with a briggs engine for sale for $5800. Worth saving the $1k on the older one or are the new ones $1k better?
I would definitely make sure the 226 is a new 2013. The 2011 had the old briggs designed motor and not the new 5 stage cyclonic filtering system. Night and day difference in motors... I am a huge cyclonic pusher. I put them on most mowers that have motor failures that did have kawa or kohlers on them due to the cost and efficiency. I have had a few lately with crankcase gaskets leaking oil due to a tooling issue at the factory is what I heard, but its a one day shop fix if it does happen it will be in the first 20 hours. I have had 2 erratic governors, but just popped them new ones in and happy campers so far...
Obviously in this situation the FX kawa is sure a better motor than the cyclonic briggs, but does it justify the cost difference. The 160 looks like the better buy with the motor, but its hard to miss the high dollar tranny system on the GH for the price. The 226 is my best seller in the GH mowers, and its a big contender against all these other mowers with 3200 and 3400's transmissions... Its gonna take you driving them both around and deciding which one you personally like better, they are surprisingly night or day difference in feel of driving...

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