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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
Honestly Larry, the Kohler commands are fine minus the "kohler tick" they have where you hear the valves distinctly (if it was a kawa or briggs I would simply adjust the valves to smooth out) until you have to much oil in the reservoir. That is the pickiest motor for too much oil in the market. I have seen many failures due to older people that cant see the dip stick good. We had a lot of 19hp kai kawa issues up until the latest motors after 09. Briggs els and single cylinders were the most seen in our shop, and surprisingly the few Hondas that went out on ztrs from here in town have all came back with little issues that turned expensive fast...
I have seen some fr Kawasaki's overheat for nothing and melt internal components within 15 hours or so. Couple of kawa fx with rods sticking out the side. I have had some 23hp vanguard issues, but so far knock on wood haven't touched a 36 or 32hp yet...
To be honest they are all good motors, and all have issues. Make sure your dealer is certified with that motor company before you ever buy a mower from them. You would be surprised, last survey that was done said over 70% of dealers are not certified to warranty all the products they sell.
You get the Cyclonic Briggs, FS Kawasaki, or the Kohler Command and up you are getting a motor that has an expected lifespan on paper over 2000 hours, most are 3000. You step up to the Vanguard or FX Kawasaki and you are simply getting applications built for tougher situations. You go diesel and you will never touch a gas machine again..... I cant believe that most of you guys don't have diesels. Weight is an issue for some, but they make 1500lb diesel units now. To have over half the fuel consumption, half the issues, and more than 3 times the lifecycle I just cant believe it...... I have had diesel guys buy gas units over the years cause they see so many and end up taking huge losses for calling them useless due to their fuel bills. Most of the diesels out there get under a gallon an hour, we are seeing some with .7...
Good post bro!.

Most guys on here feel that the extra cost of diesel fuel, even off road diesel, and the fact that the mower will wear out before the engine, plus how long it takes in actual fuel saving to get back the initial up front cost of the diesel doesn't warranty the added up front cost. I simply like the power and sound of a diesel, and would own one if I needed one, but I have a small CUT for those times.
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