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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
True except creditors are wise to this and will require a personal guarantee which puts your personal assets on the line. Sometimes if the business has been established a long time and has an excellent credit history they will let you sign in the name of the company. But don't count on it unless it's for a low credit limit. And if you are a new company it has no credit history, so the only way to get credit is in your name. So now you are back to the same as being a DBA.
Yes, in a way creditors look at the business the same as a person. When you're first starting out it's not that you have bad credit it's that you have no credit, just like a young person starting out on credit. By putting your personal name or the names of your partners on the application it's pretty much the same as being cosigners on the loan for a child. With time and good use you can raise your business credit score to be able to acquire credit in the sole name of the business. Also at a certain point you can sometimes use business assets to guarantee credit.
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