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Originally Posted by Da Forest View Post
Good Luck getting anything out of them based on my experience. The first survey was 20 some odd trees. I said it was substantially more then that. They sent out Davey to do another survey and came up with 40+ missing a whole section of property on the second survey. I paid for a survey and it was over 100. They said they won't consider the independent survey, letter from an Arborist, or photographic evidence I submitted in support including aerial view. They are offering about 15% of the actual damage and said I could appeal if I didn't like it.

So appeal. I put in my appeal that I would not allow anyone on my property without my being there and that they had to notify me in advance. Worked for me, got every possible tree rated and was able to argue about ratings I disagreed with. Also made up a measuring stick to measure tree height which they used while here. Got to stick up for your rights.
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