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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
In my humble opinion, all of the above... I should mention though that I do run Scag walk behinds and if I had the need for a fast midmount for acreage, I would absolutely get a turf tiger(and a Walker Super Bee) HaHaHa... But honestly I am just a Walker fanatic... I had the pleasure of being trained in the industry on Walker MT's so I have been running them for about 17 years... They are made right here in the U.S.A which is good... You can call Walker and actually speak with people who know what they are talking about...(this includes Bob and Dean Walker.. yes, they are the owners) The company as a whole also stands for good things in the community and beyond (+) and personally that is important to me... Super easy to maintain, decks flip up to get at the blades and for cleaning.. Sure, they are expensive but you most certainly get what you pay for... And finally, the finished product... The out front deck gives a cut like no other can... being able to collect clippings with out attaching a barn to your mower is great... I would suggest going to their website and having a look.... Watch the 2012 Walker product video... And finally, if a new one is not feasible right now, look at used.. There is a company called Emmett Equipment that always seems to be stocking used Walkers of all varieties... Like I said, I like Scag and I have respect for other companies of course but I always try to spread the good word about Walker because they have always had my back.....
Well, I will definitely be checking out Walker!
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