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I am working on the documentation for the appeal. The current process clearly notes it does not provide for a site visit when filing an appeal. Part of my problem with the CRA is they missed 66 trees, refuse to do another survey and ignore mine done by an Arborist trained in the DuPont claims process by his former employer. Understandable they would rather pay for 40+ trees rather than 100+. Aother issue is they classified about fifteen or so 35' trees a 2 when the top 5-6 foot is dead and the whole tree is clubbed. That is a substanital amount of money by itself. I did not consider they would approach this from a fraudulent perspective before the opt out period passed. I figured at worst we would argue condition but that is not to be the case it appears. Very dissapointed to say the least and now must prepare to do what I can and deal with the 9 Billion dollar DuPont corporation.
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