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Originally Posted by Jeff in AL View Post
Stihl has plenty of 2 stroke models that have adjustable carburetors... What makes the Echo 265 special?

The days of having a "fully adjustable" carburetor are long gone...

2 strokes are the ones with exhaust screens, ports and mufflers that have the issue of stopping up... 4 strokes do not typically have any of those issues.
I agree with true 4 strokes and carbon issues--they use straight gas, but the 4 mix is a hybrid--it has just as much oil in it's mix as a 2-stroke, and therefore has the potential for carbon build up in the exhaust. Again, I have very little experience with these so I'm just asking and trying to understand.

And as for fully adjustable carbs, just bought a new Husqvarna 223L trimmer and a new Echo PE266 extended hedge trimmer. They both have fully adjustable carbs--low, high, and idle.
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