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Oaknut, "bagging leaves sucks." You probably will not get any disagreement on this statement.

But, it does imply that you have experience. What kind of bag did you use? Plastic, or paper refuse bags?

If paper refuse bags, what did you use to hold the bag while filling?

I used to haul away leaves by the trailer load. In the last few years, I've nearly eliminated the haul-away style. I've learned various mulching techniques that have changed how I handle leaves. I have taken the bin off my trailer that I used to haul limited quantities.

However, I have a couple of properties that required handling leaves for haul-away, or leaving in paper bags. Our township will refuse leaves in plastic bags, but will take them at the curb in paper bags. The bags required for use are sold in local hardware stores, and even grocery stores. Also, the township will come with a vacuum to take away a strip of leaves at the curb, but you need to buy a coupon at $45 (maybe $50). Quantities are unlimited.

But, for the couple of properties in question, there is not enough to use the township coupon system. And, I don't want to manage two trailers for hauling away 3, 4, or 5 bags.

So, I am interested in a good way to hold the paper bags for filling. I have used (albeit sparingly) a 33 gal trash barrel. However, the rectangular bag in the round container does not work very well. Also, the top extends above the top of the barrel, there is no way to hold it open.

I think I have seen some home owners with a fold able cardboard stand, the right size so the bag fits inside. The bag does not quite reach the height of the sides. When full, the cardboard unit slides off over the top. I think the sign on the side said Home Depot.

I don't see cardboard working very well -- getting wet, and then falling apart. I was wondering if there is something better. I've seen a bagger unit, with a funnel on the top. But, it is designed for plastic bags, and is able to only work with round openings.

I am thinking of trying to build something of plywood, a bag holder that comes apart for storage and transport, but is durable enough to be jostled on a trailer. I think the inside dimensions are something like 18X20", at about 40" high. I can get the exact measurements. I think somebody would have made one for retail.

Anybody? Or, even ideas of a good way to hold the paper bag while filling. I think we can agree that "bagging leaves suck," so I am trying to make it as painless as possible. I believe I might have as many as 20 bags for the Fall season, spread among three properties, 2 here, 4 there, 3 there, etc.
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