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Originally Posted by turfcobob View Post
Think about this logically guys. If you put the fert down 7 days early then seed wait 20 days for the new plants to start getting roots down. Who is eating this fert food for the 27 days it takes for the new plants to get down roots. The competition that is who... The existing growth is getting fed and getting watered so it is stronger and better able to crowd out the new plants making it much more difficult for the new plants to get going. Makes more sense to put the food for the new plants down when the need it say 20 to 21 days AFTER YOU SEED.

I've thought about this exact same thing this year!! We are going to spread fert a week or 2 after the overseed this year. Really too busy to "document" any results but we will take a look and see how it compares to previous years overseed jobs. I'll do a test on my own lawn later when I have time.
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