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Originally Posted by herler View Post
I don't know what to tell you 4-cycle hand tool haters but the longest running tools in my arsenal are ALL 4-cyclers, we're talking 9 years of almost every day use on one... The other's got like 6 years, another 7, I never saw that kind of longevity in the 2-cyclers but you have to get out of a certain mindset that boggles you down into believing what you believe or you'll never come out ahead, like any piece of equipment they do require maintenance a bit beyond pouring gas in the tank, so long this maintenance is performed periodically I have found little problem.

Granted some are brain busters but hey, if you don't want your 4-cyclers I will PAY the shipping to my house (assuming they are whole units with no parts broken or missing).
I became a 4-Mess hater by owning one. I traded my old Stihl 2-stroke in on one and it stank from day one. My local dealer is a full line Sthl, RedMax, Shindy, dealer and has been for many years. Since the advent of the 4-Mess he says he'll sell 10 2 strokes to one 4-Mess. He's not a Stihl hater but tries to steer people away from them that run commercially.
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