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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
They are not truly fully adjustable they let you adjust to a point Like old models you really could crank them up
My brother has a new 223L and He ask if I could crank it and you cant they are restricted to where it only lets you turn them very little He traded it back in for bigger one. The 223L was a turd in tall grass
I can adj the high speed to the rich point so that it starts bogging down from being too rich, and down so that it starts slowing down--why would you ever want to adj beyond those 2 points. I've adjusted many carbs since this is what I do part time for several commercial guys, and IMO, that's all the adj that is needed.

I run my line at standard length, without a guard, but shaft is marked for cutoff length, trim on a weekly basis, and love the Husky 223L--this is my second to own. This trimmer has all the power I need. Everybody to their own opinion, but I'd rather tote this lite trimmer around all day, and leave my heavy one on the trailer for the very rare time that it's needed. Agreed, I would rather have a 3xx series Husqvarna, but at just over $200, I couldn't justify the extra cost.

I maintain a fleet of Shin 270's for a guy, he thinks they are the only trimmer to have. They are great trimmers, but heavy. He's less than half my age--again everybody to their own opinion. By the way--those 270's
do not have adjustable carbs.

Sorry to get off topic for the thread!
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