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I've bagged in both the paper bags and in 39 gal lawn/leaf bags. Neither is ideal.
You can't fit much in them unless you stomp them down every time you dump some in and that takes time to do - LOTS and LOTS of time. If you don't compress them, it's a waste of time/money in my opinion.
I have one of those cardboard funnels, but didn't like it because I couldn't shove my foot in the bag to compress the leaves.
Ultimately, bagging leaves is a homeowner task. You can not bag leaves and make any money - it takes too long.

Hauling. Almost as bad. My trailer is small and it fills up FAST. It's 5x8 and has sides about 2.5' high which helps, but leaves take up a lot of space unless compacted. I always take a sheet of plywood and when I have it half full I toss the plywood on and walk around on it to smash them down making room for more.
Hauling limits me to small properties.

Curbside pick up is where it's at. No bags, no hauling, no hassle.
I don't do enough leaves to justify a vacuum.

I guess I'll call the city and see what they say about leaf pickup.
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