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Originally Posted by GlynnC View Post
I can adj the high speed to the rich point so that it starts bogging down from being too rich, and down so that it starts slowing down--why would you ever want to adj beyond those 2 points. I've adjusted many carbs since this is what I do part time for several commercial guys, and IMO, that's all the adj that is needed.

I run my line at standard length, without a guard, but shaft is marked for cutoff length, trim on a weekly basis, and love the Husky 223L--this is my second to own. This trimmer has all the power I need. Everybody to their own opinion, but I'd rather tote this lite trimmer around all day, and leave my heavy one on the trailer for the very rare time that it's needed. Agreed, I would rather have a 3xx series Husqvarna, but at just over $200, I couldn't justify the extra cost.

I maintain a fleet of Shin 270's for a guy, he thinks they are the only trimmer to have. They are great trimmers, but heavy. He's less than half my age--again everybody to their own opinion. By the way--those 270's
do not have adjustable carbs.

Sorry to get off topic for the thread!
I use to raise the RPM on the older 2 stokes to get more hp out them

I use run Husq 332 models bush cutter $400 trimmer from 97-08 and I trimmed with them Yes they cost more but I got more production out them and that out weighs the cost.
Sure its heavy but I never notice it much. Im a tall guy and I walk faster then most((( time is money)) in my book.
I don't like to wait on a trimmer to trim.
4 years a go I bought 3- FS110
This year bought 2- FS130 bike handles is all I ever ran since 1981.
I run 2- 110 and 2-130 5days a week
My work load on trim work, a little trimmer would not handle it.

Like some people I seen would take a push mower to trim with then take trimmer to finish rest. My self I use a big trimmer that will cut a path up to 18'' wide. The Husq 332 would cut up to 24'' in one pass it was a bad a$$ trimmer I would still be running them but no dealer even close to me.

Age of a person has nothing do with a good trimmer. My Aunt Died of 72 last month ,work for me from 2000 to 2012 I bought her a light trimmer after first year she wanted to use a 332 Husq She did then used a FS110. She would out work most men. She ran my small lawn crew. Her title was Flower Child I sure do miss her.
Yes everybody has there opinions that is why its a free world

Sorry to the OP for getting off track
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