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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
Brian is correct...its being cut at 3/4". Thanks for the compliments guys. Im not the only one who keeps it looking good Plantculture on here does the fert/pest control and guided me along with the renovation.

I have to say zoysia is my fav turf down here...i love diamond and empire.

I am curious though what a walker cut lawn at say 1-1.25" looks like assuming we are talking flat surface. I still think the cost and upkeep of a walker is right there with a tru-cut if not more.

Larry i will pm you.
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In sun and provided there is a willingness to mow correctly, zoysia is a super grass. Only thing is, it is rough on mowers. Failure to do the required maintenance on the mower leaves a hideous cut and makes the job harder than it has to be. A reel mower with plenty of relief ground into the back of each blade and set for light contact blazes through. I think the clutch design on the Tru-Cut leave much to be desired.
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