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I like the cheetah a lot. But I really don't know any different because it was my first ztr. I did have a DC that I got when I bought another part timer's business. I didn't care for it as a primary mower. Most of my lawns are crappy and less than a acre. I only have two bigger lawns at 5 acres and the other is 2.5 acres. None of my lawns get any type of treatments. I'd be happy if they would pick up trash, coil the hose, trim low hanging branches, spray the weeds in what's left of a flower bed. My goal for next year is to get rid of the low profit ones and replace with higher end lawns that make the job a little more enjoyable. Also would like to free up more time for landscape jobs since I've had to turn down a lot this year because I mow 4 days a week and it rained all the time here. BTW I only have put 150 hours on the cheetah in 2 years.
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