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Originally Posted by caseysmowing View Post
Getting help for next year is in the works. Just not looking for the extra headache and paper work. It'll be hard to do since this is a part time job. Finding up after 3:00 won't be easy. Is that your old ford dump on CL near DC?BTW my clients are not going to pay for fert.
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Place an ad - needing part time help after 3:00 weekdays. Every time I place an ad for full time workers, I get a ton of calls from people looking for part time work... especially college students looking for a job that will fit with their class schedules. You'd be surprised at how many people are looking to pick up some extra cash for a few hours here or there. Since they're occasional workers and you're a solo operator, pay them with cash.

And no, that isn't my truck that's for sale. There's literally a kazillion contractors in this area. Heck, just in the Marshall area, there's a huge operation and two other medium sized operations. Not to mention several solo or two-man LCO's.
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