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Originally Posted by Tennesseepowerstroke View Post
Everyone has their preference but I would stay away from Stihl and Echo. My Shindaiwa products, made before Echo bought them out, have never faltered. I would look at Red Max it they failed. It might just be my luck, but I have always had problems with Stihl and Echo products. It is usually the carbs but also other things.
My older Stihl chainsaws have been bulletproof; so good in fact that I know nothing of their newer saws because mine just keep cutting. Not a Stihl hater when it comes to saws. I have one Shindy trimmer that's a post-Echo merger unit and it's been great so far. Echo just happens to be the parent company but Shindy is still building a good product.
I can't wait for the FS 94 to hit dealers. I'd like to look at one. I think it will bring many Stihl commercial customers back that jumped ship over the 4-Mess engine. I traded my 4-Mess in on a RedMax and it's been a beast too. Not one issue in over five years. Granted, my trimmers are not run every day. Usually three days a week by me at most.
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