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Originally Posted by Triton2286 View Post
The type of people who find things of this nature amusing are people who also drink too much and do stupid things. But because they have never done something that stupid they think they are right to laugh at or bash someone who has gone a step farther than they have.
I don't konw if I would go that far. Different people find different things funny. I find the irony funny. The fact that this drunken idiot who thinks its OK to drive 10 mile beer run on his mower screams "I know my rights!" is funny.

If you look at it form the "that poor disturbed man" point of view then yes, he obviously has problems and should seek help however given that he has a full blown webpage exploiting his stupidity makes me think he is a bit wiser than he appears.

However to say that anyone who finds this funny drinks too much and does stupid things is a stretch. I don't watch NASCAR, however I don't think the people who do are only dumb shirtless rednecks who can only turn left.
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