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I used to go to a large work shoe store that had about 20 different brands, at least it seemed that way (I've moved). I spent nearly two hours one day trying to find the "best fit". I settled on a pair of Georgia Logging boots with the steel toe. They were made in the USA, just simple comfortable boots. But they were heavy and that showed up on long days, but I still liked them. They had NO liner, just the leather inside on the ankle - probably an 8 inch high boot. And I remembered how comfortable plain leather can be, my feet stayed cooler and the deep lugged sole was great for traction. My wife hated them, lol, due to the "tracking" in of grass, mud, etc.
Another pair of boots I thought were the most comfortable -also steel toed- but fully lined and waterproof - is the LaCrosse boot. Felt great from day one. Loved them until I wore them for construction and working on the floor, the toes wore through in less than a week. Once I started seeing the toe cap underneath I mixed up some JB weld and coated both of them to keep the leather from totally wearing away.
Red Wing still makes the white crepe soul, I would like to get a pair of those, but like was mentioned, they are pricey. One of these days.... I do know if you get on their mailing list, they will email you coupons for $25 off throughout the year.
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