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2000 Chevy 2500 6.0 low coolant

I have the above truck it was when they were switching styles and mine is the newer 2500 with the 6.0 (but not the HD 8600). The low coolant light has been coming on and at best it appears to be down 8oz or so if anything. I brought it into the shop I've always used and they initially said small pin hole in water pump. They then called back and said upon further review they were not sure it was the water pump and honestly said they could not pin point the leak. Suggested wait until it becomes more pronounced. This was after they were given the go ahead to replace the pump.

This has happened again and I can see no obvious leak and the coolant is only down a cup full or so. I put a dash in and the light goes off next time I start it. I can't imagine the sensor is that sensitive???

Couple of people have said replace the cap??

Or is this just another electrical chevy glitch I've had a few with this truck but it runs like a top 128K.

We know it is not going into the engine the oil has been checked and is fine thankfully.
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