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Good luck in your new job adventure. I am retired military (Army at the age of 37) and was a cop for 12 years. I decided it was time to be my own boss and do something that I call all of the shots. This has been my first year and I will say that I am surprised by how well it has gone. I have 30 accounts which is just right for someone that is solo; it keeps me busy and I still have some time off (usually only when it rains though). I have learned some valuable lessons and look forward to an even better next year. I will tell you that being a veteran is a good start to getting accounts, as most people are patriotic and respect veterans. That will get your foot in the door if you advertise correctly and get your name out there you should do fine. If you have not already, put together a business plan and follow it realizing there will need to be tweaks along the way as you learn. Ironically, this site helped me tremendously. I learned a long time ago, there is nothing like experience, and many folks on this site have experience and have already been there, so they have solid advice and information. Again, good luck and congratulations on your well deserved "retirement".

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