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Thanks perficut, just saw this. Definitely a good point.

We've been slowing down but there's still work to do. Need to drum up some more fall work, I have to get more diligent with my follow up calls. Also been meeting with some builders and remodelers to open up my work funnel

Enough chit chat, on to the pics.
First, a nightmare grading job I did as a sub for another masonry company. These guys are great, they pay me daily rate plus hourly if needed. Ey also use my laborers. We don't do things the same way, but it's their job not mine.
60 yards through here. I covered the neighbors walk with dirt to prevent damage but it was justtt wide enough that I stayed off it. They had a pool installed and they were hacks, left garbage everywhere. I graded out a plateau for the concrete patio that will have a brick border then a retaining wall.

View towards the house

View away from the house

They weren't paying for the Harley rake so I dragged it with a piece of chain link haha

Two weeks later the guy I sub for came in and did footings for the wall and had me move the block and brick to the back. Not enough time IMO but again, not my job. They pour a foot of concrete then mortar the wall blocks down to it
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