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In LED, the hub is not really relevant anymore. I still however, group my fixtures in a hub not because of voltage drop, but more for convenience. I still like to keep my home run cables tight to the foundation and not through the middle of flower beds where they can potentially be cut. If I run my long 25' lead wires back to a "hub", I have fewer connection points to fail and fewer connections to eat up the clock. You will just need to meter the 1st and last connections to make sure you are in your operating window for the LED's you are using (which is usually between 9-15 volts).

I use buchanan, barrel crimps on all of my connections so they stay tight. I then put them in a "sure-splice" DBY to protect them. You can use heat shrink too if you like (I used to for inground), but they take longer and I am all about getting it done quickly and competently.

It's really pretty simple now that everything has gone to LED. It is so much more forgiving.

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