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Originally Posted by TigerElectrical View Post
As I mentioned in another thread I'm taking over an incomplete year-old installation of LED lighting. I haven't done LED before and have questions regarding best practices, acceptable practices and poor practices.

Is it not necessary to do hub wiring with LEDs to maintain an even voltage throughout the installation? This installation appears to be strung, if that's the term. The connections are made with wire nuts, above grade in one place. In line-voltage wiring a set-screw connection with shrink tube is required. And the bulbs were installed with what appears to be no-alox. I'm guessing that the fixture and bulb pin are plated steel (not aluminum) and copper grease might be a better material. But then what do I know?
I agree with Tim's comments regarding hub and connectors.

A couple other things - connections made above grade are not OK, all wiring should be buried a min. of 6 in. in most situations. Refer to NEC for burial guidelines under sidewalks, driveways, etc.

The best grease to reduce pin corrosion and maintain conductivity is Sanchem NO-OX - this is a conductive grease and should be used very sparingly - just a thin coat on the pins.
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