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Originally Posted by WARRIOR44M View Post
I am new to this site, I have read many post on this topic and find that many go off topic. My question is for those who have demoed both 3100z ferris and scag cheetah and the tt. Trying to decide which to go with. Pro and cons. My concern is the scag cheetah on hills?
I've spent extensive demo time on Cheetahs but I bought Turf Tigers. They're both real nice and contrary to what others might tell you, they are equally excellent on hills. I've driven a Turf Tiger across a very steep hill - to the point of starting to slide - and then driven a Cheetah across the very same hill just minutes later. I found neither to be better than the other. I chose Turf Tigers because they seem to be a little heavier build than the Cheetah. As for the Ferris, I've never driven one but I plan on changing that either this fall or next spring. I'm interested in the ride but I'll bet dollars to donuts that a Ferris will not hang on a hill like a Scag.
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