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We have two Ferris one Is 2000 and a Is 1500 till this day we have not had any issues with the hills and I can assure you the ride is amazing. The ride itself will allow you to cut time then other rigid frame mowers. The top speed is the speed you will mow at just about all the time. Many will say their mower is fast but most of those will not go full speed on their mowers bc of the terrain. Granted tall thick grass, like any other mower, you'll have to slow down. I have demoed Bobcat Procat 61" , Wright Zk 61", Toro 3000 60", and Gravely 60" and a Hustler Z 60", all of which are great mowers and all have done great on the hills but we will not swap out any of the Ferris any longer. The only reason we would change would be if we get better deals to justify purchasing the others. I do have to say the ZK did a bit better on even steeper hills but most wouldn't even attempt our goat mountain climbing hahaha hope I helped
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