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Vineyard Mowing? Anyone have any experience in this?

Does anyone have experience with mowing the rows between vines at a vineyard? i have a prospective new customer who is looking to have about 6 acres of vines mowed about 4-5 times a year.
I first thought to just put a 72" finish mower on my tractor and mow that way but the guy worries about me hitting the vines, he has 9' between vines. He also wants the clippings bagged at each mowing..
my equipment consist of a 61" zero turn and 52" stander. I have accelerator catchers for both, but I dont bag on a normal basis.
I would like to use the equipment i have, but id also like to do this job as efficiently as possible. Mowing is only one part of the work for me to do on this property, and i usually have no issue with figuring out how to mow a property, but this guy has me stressing about the health of his vines!
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