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Originally Posted by recycledsole View Post
Hey guys, I would appreciate to hear from your actual experience which pre m and post m organic herbicides are effective. The only one I have heard about is corn gluten as a pre M not post M.
thanks so much
Famous Quote that stands true. Nothing stops weeds better than a healthy, thick, green lawn.

"Weeds rarely invade a high-quality lawn. All the money in the world can be spent on weed-controlling products and techniques, but if the lawn is not maintained properly, the weeds will return."

There are hundreds of products on the market. Almost any gardening centers sale "Organic" weed killers from what the label says. The most tried and trued method for killing active growing weeds is Vinegar from the grocery store. However, Vinegar is extremely acidic, so again I wouldn't use without knowing the conditions of soil and knowing the current acidity of the soil as it sits.
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