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Originally Posted by rob7233 View Post
Ever had the experience of hitting a poop pile near a fence line with your trimmer? You best be wearing glasses and also a face mask would help too... The extra charge is nowhere enough for that.
I am sure this sounds crazy but I don't go looking for piles to hit.
With the trimmer...

Matter of fact I make sure not to hit them, I'm having a hard time envisioning you hitting them on purpose but I do recall a year when my level of experience wasn't high enough to keep the feces out of my face...

It sucks but the OP volunteered, as some might recall the thread started with...
"Hey can you swing by my house after your done" from a buddy of mine...
The man asked, the OP agreed.

So you're probably just going to have to use this as a learning experience.
Don't go hitting things with the trimmer, piles of poop might be on the list.
On another note, now you know why I ALWAYS go look at the WHOLE job before quoting an estimate.

Originally Posted by rob7233 View Post
Domestic animals have a meat based diet vs. plant based. Do you wanna guess why you don't want to track that around into your truck then to your home carpet (where maybe your baby crawls) etc.?
That might be why I would clean it up first, then mow, then trim.
There is also no requirement to have your domestic animals on a meat based diet.
And wouldn't you know, the poop of animals whose diet is mostly plant based smells less.
But what do I know, I'm just the lawn guy.

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