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Originally Posted by GreenLight View Post
If im reading this correctly, he leaves you a voicemail asking for help getting off his roof. Im certainly not an attorney, but I would imagine that would certainly hurt his case. He is too injured to come to work, yet plenty healthy enough to get on his roof and work?
He left me a 2 messages saying its a emergency and to call him back. I was at a family function so I wasn't able to call or text until later in the evening. When I did respond to ask him what was it that he wanted he then says he was on his roof and that his neighbor got him off his roof and that he didn't know it was that bad that I couldn't pick up the phone for 30 seconds to call somebody and that I was taking it out on him because he didn't come to work Friday and that he asked me for a ride. He did say he was looking for a ride so no he didn't ask me for a ride. Later on he admits he didn't come to work on Friday because he was mad at me since I told him to let me know if was going to be late or not come in.

He wanted to work on the Thursday when I wasn't around but not any of the days we were suppose to work. He also seemed very capable of working the days he was there and didn't mention he got hurt. I told him I can't file a claim if he doesn't tell me
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