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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Dude, this thread can end right here.

Suing people requires a lawyer.

Lawyers require thousands of dollars up front.

Your $10 per hr employee ain't gonna be suing no one.

He won't spend $5k in upfront atty fees for his $15k per year job.

It's not gonna happen.

That's just like these non-compete agreements. No landscape contractor is gonna shell out $7k in atty fees to go after a former employee for jumping ship. Even if the contractor wins the suit - that doesn't mean the former employee will ever be able to pay the judgement.
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Suing anyone does not and never has required a lawyer.

Lawyers do not require thousands of dollars up front

I believe your correct about this employee suing the OP.

However the former employee of the OP just may contact a no fee attorney service to settle out of court, hence my suggestion for the OP to contact his attorney now.

Judgements can and do have long standing when it comes to settlements.
I know of some judgements that have prevented some sales of real property from never taking place until said judgement has been satisfied.
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