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So what finally beats the Redmax 8001?

My dealer doesn't sell the old Redmax 8001 but he does have the Redmax 8050 and the Husqvarna blowers as well. Is it worth getting the 8050 with the instant $45 rebate or get the Husqvarna which I heard is the same design as the Redmax?

I still have the 8001 that I had for like 7 years and still has the original air filter and sparkplug lol. I use this blower on 30 Fall cleanups a year and 30 lawns a week plus for snow plowing. The reason why is I have a worker now and want him to help me during the cleanups up here in CT since the Wine warehouse gets crazy at about 40-75hrs a week workin nights.

P.S. I heard the 8050 model is just lighter......Also please don't try and sell me echo and stilh I know a few friends that have them and they constantly have problems.

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